Originally posted August, 2015

I was recently listening to a group of teenagers talk about
their summer jobs and most of the talk was a rant about the leadership style
that one of them was dealing with.

I heard the words, “They don’t set a good example” numerous
times in the rant. Coming from a teenager, this raised my ‘leadership
radar’.  Great, good and even mediocre
leadership has to start with setting an example.  You cannot preach one thing and do another.

As a leader, you are always being watched.  Your team is taking its que from you: the
good and the bad.

Here are 5 things you should do to set a good example:

  • Be on time
  • Be Excellent – or at least try
  • Always be committed
  • Follow through
  • Show empathy, kindness when dealing with people – and take
    an interest.

Timeliness. Are you always on time, to a fault?  Do your meetings start on time and end on
time?  Do you arrive at work early – like
clockwork?   Do you make promises and
deliver on time… all the time?

Performance.  Are you
are known for your excellence in performance – or at the very least, a
performance level that is recognized as the very best you can do?

Commitment.  Are you
looked upon as the most committed to the organization or department?

Follow-through.  Do
plans never die on the vine with you?  Do
you follow through on everything?

Dealing with People. 
Are you the one in the group who defines kindness in another’s troubles,
empathy for those who need it, forgiveness always and a smile even through your
own troubles?

If people start arriving at meetings late, seem to be
slacking off, look like they don’t care anymore, deliver late or seem to be no
longer getting along with others, look in the mirror. You might be a lot closer
to the cause than you think.

Yes, leadership is tough. 
Everyone is watching you constantly and expecting you to set the tone
and to set an example.  Great leaders set
great examples… all the time.

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