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From a Good (Project) Manager to a Great Leader

This is a one day workshop that will deliver a new roadmap to your career. Today’s organizations are looking for tomorrow’s leadership team. As a good project manager the next step in your career could very well take you to this next level: senior leadership. But how do you get there? What will it take to get your career to this next level? How can you move from a management position to one of a leader: a senior leader within your industry or elsewhere? This workshop will put aside the skills and knowledge you need to have to be a good (project) manager and focus on what you need to be a great leader. Overview Over the course of the morning we will explore the gaps between our skills, knowledge and professional attributes and those of famous and local leaders. In the process we will be develop our new professional strategic plan.

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers of all levels who want to create a roadmap to the future
  • PMPs and want-to-be PMPs

Words from Past Participants

  • “One of the best leadership seminars I have ever attended”   Dan Ritter, Esco Communications Inc.
  • “I really loved the group interaction and the many real-life examples.  David was a great presenter with a good flow of information all day”   Vadhu Kandula, Fiserv
  • “Great content & great balance of presentations and breakout activities”  Rita Fronczaic, Whirlpool Corp. 
  • “I am excited to implement what I have learned about my leadership style and start planning for the future” Pal Ditlser, Elkhart Brass Manufacturing
  • “Very Engaging and thought provoking”  Timothy Brumbaug
  • David is very engaging! I like how he incorporates personal and real life examples into his presentation. A fantastic Saturday seminar! Christina Vogren – Real Interactive
  • David delivered this presentation exceptionally well. He has very effective communication style with the ability to deliver a message across. He is very effective in keeping is audience engaged and awake! Well done! Tahar Iqbal – Loblaw Companies Ltd.
  • Great energy and enthusiasm which I will take away and use as motivation during my upcoming activities both professionally and personally. Genevieve Fernandes – Mercatus Technologies Inc.
  • Excellent presentation and clear communication to the topics. I enjoyed the slight “off-topic” discussions to relate to real like and the human side of our careers, project management and personal lives. Mark Hill – Vertica Resident Services
  • David your enthusiasm on the subject was inspiring. I am walking away from the sessions with key takeaway ideas to implement into my personal leadership plan. Thank-you. Karen Marangi – AMEC
  • Best workshop I have ever attended! 
  • I am a young PM engineer getting my feet wet. Definitely looking to move into senior roles and have trouble having the confidence to actually “do” not just “hope”. This day has changed my outlook.
  • Very dynamic engaging speaker . Good level of interactiveness
    • I want to compliment you for making today’s session “fresh”. It did not feel “canned”. Good job – keep it fresh in the years to follow.
    • Very Useful & good challenge in explaining , understanding strengths & weaknesses. Thanks!
    • Engaging information session on leadership. Excellent reflection on knowing yourself and how to be a better leader.
    • Excellent , engaging speaking style. Strong content. Liked the changing tables.
    • Outstanding presenter, stimulating approach.
    • Excellent speaker very engaging!
    • Highly reccomended. Very impressive presentation. Thank You
    • David is very engaging. I enjoyed the Personal Professional Strategic Plan and focus on the take away “nuggets”. I liked the leadership styles.
    • Other presenters should take notes- a lot to learn from David’s style and ease in doing so
    • Very enjoyable! Great speaker
    • Clear speaker. Good use of humor. I like the idea of looking into the personal side as well. Really enjoyed the day
    • Very informative, the day just flew by – well done
    • I would love to hear David’s presentation on strategic planning next year.
    • I found the session engaging and useful. David managed to keep my attention all day and kept moving.
    • So great. David also seemed interested and engaged in his audience which is rare and very appreciated. Thank You!
    • Excellent workshop. Thank You!! Look forward to participating in another course by David. Well done!
    • Great knowledge; great charm; can connect a group
    • Fantastic! Thank you for being authentic and for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

Project Management Leadership – Building Healthy Teams and Successful Projects

Project Management Leadership – Building Healthy Teams and Successful Projects

All project managers are leaders, but our type of leadership is not easy.  We get thrown (or eased) into an environment that is fast moving, typically stressful, ever changing and continually challenging.  Oh, and we have no real authority!

This workshop will focus on leadership for project manager – the skills, attributes and knowledge that we should have to allow us to succeed at this exciting role.

Our learning environment will include the delivery of practical material, open discussions, lots of group work and numerous scenarios throughout the day that will challenge us and allow us to practice some of our new-found intelligence.

Key Deliverables

  • Learn what an Authenticity Leader is
  • Learn about and embrace Your Leadership Style
  • Understand the Importance of the ‘Sponsor Relationship’
  • Learn how to be a Good Motivator
  • Learn how to be a Good Delegator
  • Learn how to be a Good Communicator
  • Learn how to be good at Connecting with People

 “A great event, packed with so much knowledge and experience, from someone who truly gets the challenges of project leadership.  David offers a unique balance of group discussion and self-reflection, all wrapped up in a style that only he can deliver.” Senior Delivery Manager, Bell Canada; Director PD Days, PMI New Brunswick

“This workshop contained both practical tools and attendee discussions on Project Manager Leadership. I found it to be spot-on and interactive; well worth attending.”
Reg Wilson, Past President, PMI New Brunswick

From Strategy to Execution – Workshop

From Strategy to Execution – 1/2 day 

Strategic Planning is crucial to the success of any organization.  But it turns out that many of those plans sit and collect dust for months afterwards.  It seems that we are forgetting to focus on the execution of the plan.

This session looks at the lifecycle of strategic planning and execution.  From the development of a sound strategic plan, looking at common mistakes, through to the key to success: the execution phase.

You will come away with a framework that can be applied to any strategic planning process – better ensuring implementation success in the end.

Key Deliverables

  • Understand the key foundation blocks to strategic planning
  • Learn why strategic plans do and don’t work
  • Understand how to create a strategy execution culture that can give you plans a better chance of survival

Essential Communication Skills for All Project Managers  – Workshop

Essential Communication Skills for All Project Managers 

Leaders at all levels of our organizations need to be great communicators. In fact poor communication skills is one of the top factors that can hold you back from a senior promotion within your organization. Project managers and project leaders need to be great communicators. Stakeholders, customers, team members, senior management teams, sponsors and more all require a special and unique touch and approach to the way we communicate with them. This one-day workshop will allow us to fine tune our communication skills in all areas of our professional and even personal lives. We will look at best practices within:

We will look at best practices within:

  • presentation skills
  • selling and influencing skills
  • meetings
  • reporting
  • executive summaries
  • and even listening skills.

The Keys to our Success – 1/2 Day Workshop

The Keys to our Success – Lessons Learned from Some of Our best Project Managers – 1/2 Day – based on his book – interactive, multi-media, customizable highlighting key chapters that deliver usable tools and techniques to your chapter members.

  • Know Your Leadership Style  – and let your team know!
  • Business Outcome Management  – looking at the BIG picture
  • The Seven Bullets of Highly Effective Project Managers – keep it simple please!
  • Never Go in Alone (Mentoring / Coaching) – find your gaps and get help
  • Become “Project Business-Savvy” – learning to talk CxO language
  • Get in the Head of Your Sponsor – your #1 ally
  • Scalability and Common Sense: Key Ingredients for Success – it is not one size fits all

Who Should Attend?

Any project manager at any level who is interested in improving the way they manager projects.

Who Should Attend?

  • Understand Leadership Styles
  • Be introduced to Business Outcome Management
  • Understand CxO language
  • Learn how to get into the head of your sponso

The Power of the Plan  – Project Management for Non-Project Managers – Workshop

Everyone wants to be able to manage small projects: events, office relocations, house moves, small renovations.  Unfortunately, the ‘fear’ factor holds many of us back.  In this 1-day workshop, David Barrett, co-author of “The Power of the Plan: Empowering the Leader within You” leads his audience through a process that will empower anyone to be able to say “Yes” to the next challenge or project.  From the “go, no-go’ decision, to the basic plan, the budget, through to the all-important ‘managing the people’, David’s simple, easy-to-understand process will leave everyone with tools they can use on any project.  Empowering the leader within us all.

Based on David’s book by the same name, this high energy, down-to-earth presentation will make everyone think differently as they begin planning the next party, wedding, house move, product roll-out, office relocation, course development, conference or whatever the next challenge reveals. .

Key Take-aways

  • Gain the confidence to take on any small project
  • Understand the basics of scheduling, budgeting and managing people
  • Learn what to ask right at the beginning to avoid common p

Building a Project Execution Culture – 1/2 day

Project management is often promoted as the solution to every organization’s pains.  But is it?  We’ve tried hiring the best project managers.  We have adapted a great methodology.  We have even created a new PMO.  We still don’t seem to get it.

What’s missing?  The word is culture.  Not the BIG corporate culture but a sub culture within called Project Execution Culture.

This session is more of a facilitated discussion around the idea of building a culture around your project management people, practices, methodology, software and more.

Do it right and you will see more than just project management benefits within your organization.

Key Deliverables

  • Understand the key foundation blocks to strategic planning
  • Learn why strategic plans do and don’t work
  • Understand how to create a strategy execution culture that can give you plans a better chance of survival

From Lessons Learned to Lessons Applied – Workshop

From Lessons Learned to Lessons Applied

An interactive, hands-on workshop on how we conduct a ‘lessons learned’ session to a sharing session on our past ‘lessons learned’.

Most project managers see a post mortem gathering at the end of a project as a luxury. We have moved on to the next project.  Time is tight, the team has disbursed and frankly, most post mortem meetings we have attended are a waste of time.

On the other hand, most of us will agree that somewhere within the life cycle of our project, we wish we had access to the lessons learned from the past. The experiences of other project managers and the team in similar types of projects could be very valuable to all of us going forward. The approaches that others took to common problems can be enlightening and very helpful.

This workshop is all about Lessons Learned.
There are two parts:

  1. How to conduct a post-mortem meeting that is both valuable to those coming after us and not a waste of time for all those involved today.
  1. Sharing all of our Lessons Learned from past projects.

In part 1 we will look at the construct of a proper post-mortem meeting: environment, attendees, process and more.

In Part 2 we will look at lessons learned from some great project managers who shared their experience in the book The Keys to Our Success – Lessons Learned from 25 of Our Best Project Managers. We will also share our own lessons learned in an open, interactive learning environment.

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